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Adam Diment - Les Poupées Bang Bang - The Bang Bang Birds

British writer Adam Diment suddenly found himself in the spotlight in 1968 when he decided to create a spy (Philip McAlpine) in keeping with the mood of the permissive Sixties. His hero, Philip McAlpine, made his debut in ‘The Dolly Dolly Spy’, which became a best-seller and brought Diment a great deal of publicity in the national press, which took interest in a new, young secret agent who smoked pot. The Daily Mirror commented: "The most modern hero in years. He’s hip, he’s hard, he likes birds and, sometimes, marijuana." "The Bang Bang birds" is the third and final entry of the Philip McAlpine series. The birds in question are the naked female guards who work in a brothel, where our hero is sent undercover to destroy the evil behind-the-scenes machinations, since the place is actually blackmailing clients with photos and tapes.


P-E Fronning said...

You liked it too, I see ;D
Les Poupées Bang Bang

Andrew said...

I'm sure you know already, but The Bang Bang Birds was actually the third of four McAlpine novels - the last one was 'Think Inc' (although, admittedly, not as good as the first 3).