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Support crew - Dago Choppers

Old stickers from Dago and NYC.


Anonymous said...

Dago Choppers was a motorcycle shop in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego (Dago), CA. I think it was owned by a Hells Angel

Mark Renner said...

No was owned by normal dude, it burned down and he began selling just the t-shirts with out permission under the guise of it being to support the club but in reality he was full of it, till a patched member (greg) came and relieved him of the right to the whole thing, he just did know till after greg came and it had already happened

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to go relieve the gay homeless man begging for change of a red and white dago hoodie that he has decorated with tassels. Give him something else to wear maybe black and blue . He's in front of downtown San Diego County courthouse