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Filo Loco - Christophe Bier - Jimmy Pantera

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Los Luchadores y el Globo de la Muerte !

Los Luchadores y el Globo de la Muerte from filo loco on Vimeo.

3rd clip of our serie. With Danny "Infernal" Varanne in his world famous Globe of Death ! Check out ! With filo Loco, Big G, Jimmy Pantera... Directed by Julien Bachelet. Music by Lost Acapulco !


Jean-Emmanuel said...

Génialissime et über groovy

P-E Fronning said...


Balaoo said...

Bien, bien... Una masa total!! Great work! I prefer El poker del amor for the girls, obviously! Gran, gran abrazo... Make a lucha libre movie!

Keith said...

That is so awesome. I really enjoyed it.

Filo Loco said...

thanks to you ! we are working on the next ones !