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Filo Loco

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Allo police - Angelo di Marco

The cult radio serial created by Maurice Renault, played on Radio Luxembourg during the 50's-60's. Four stories by Franck Sauvage, illustrated by Angelo Di Marco. Dernière Chance - La Maison du Secret - Faux Visage - Des Pierres pour une Tombe. With the unforgettable voices of Jean Topart, Louis Velle, Pierre Tornade, Rosy Varte... Big Beat records. 2005.


ROBO32.EXE said...

Franck Sauvage, c'est bien l'un des pseudos de Moliterni, non ?

Filo Loco said...

bravo ;-)

Patric said...

on a very rainy day our journey stopped just short of Paris. my wife and I decided to ride out the huge thunderstorm of late August in the city of Troyes. as we prowled around the next morning looking for a spot for our java fix we found the Anthony DiMarco "Museum" and cafe. What a lovely treat....we loved it and still have a series of postcards from there as well. I think I blogged one at the Flimwell Papers some time back. Loved seeing his work here. Deadlicious is always superb!!!

Filo Loco said...

cool story ! and I'ver been to this museum ! I really have to ! thanks patric ;-)

Brian Busby said...

I know Allô Police as a sleazy Montreal crime tabloid. Strippers, crime scene photos, bath house raids... it was a feast for the eyes. Sadly, after 51 years, it gave up the ghost in 2004. I wonder whether the title of one inspired the other.

Filo Loco said...

I think they were born at quiet the same time...I remember sometimes reading the canadian allo police during the early 90's, when the biker war was on front page in each issue !