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Filo Loco

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Lux Interior tribute

These are 2 illustrations we received from our friends Marie Meier and Dr. Alderete. Thanks to them and never forget Garbage Man !


Rob J said...

2009 does not look too good right now. First, Ron Asheton's unexpected departure and now Lux's final look behind The Green Door.
The Cramps were a great band who never really got the acclaim that lesser acts received, but like The Stooges their influence was legion. Lux was a fantastic vocalist/frontman. Check out his vocal on "Lonesome Town" for confirmation. Along with other US originals like Suicide,The New Dolls,MC5,Funkadelic etc, they were simply wonderful. Hey, Lux now that you are up there, send my regards to Ricky,Gene, Buddy and of course Elvis...

There will some good rockin' tonight !

Gail said...

Those are both great drawings!!