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We need you - Looking for THE Deadlicious hispanic voice

Yes, you may help us ! We have 3 cool clips being made and we are looking for a male voice saying with a real hispanic accent : " Deadlicious, handmade rock'n'roll pastries to die for !".... Send us your mp3 files ! Record yourself, your brother, your neighbour or the real Danny Trejo and send your stuff to filo@deadlicious.com . The clips will be put on youtube, dailymotion... Thank you hispanic nation !


GOMI/G on 5! said...

danny was in my gallery the other day they're shooting machete across the street. i'm in texas i bet i could find some mexicans for you!!! haaha

Balaoo said...

Would you like in spanish or in english?

Filo Loco said...

hi balaoo ! what's up ?! I need the phrase in english with a spanish accent...would you be the "voice" ?!