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Les Anges - Marcel Godin

This Canadian novel is based on true facts, Hells Angels activities in Quebec in late 80's. Must read (if find !). Robert Laffont, 1988.

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threedharma@yahoo.ca said...

And then there was THE ANGELS, also by a Quebec writer, Gary McKeehan, an ambitious novel (628pp, Booksource, Dec 2008, based on certain aspects of the Quebec Hells Angels (and their natural allies elsewhere) during the rise and fall of QHA's president Mom Boucher, currently serving two concurrent life sentences without the possibility of parole for the assassination of two prison guards on his command. Soon to be followed by ELECTRICITY CITY, a sequel touching on the world-wide outreach of gangs, and its repercussions. Of the numerous late-coming 'exposes' on the HA's, The Angels is the most literary, arguably the best written and in its own way, the most surprising.