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Filo Loco

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F*** taxis

Every parisian motorcyclist should understand me ! Actually, I think that every motorcyclist in the world should understand what I mean ! So, few years ago I made hundreds of this sticker and I always keep some of them in my pocket and give it to every one who asks me for one ! I already gave 2 or 3 hundreds ! I remember one time, arrested by cops for nothing (!), one of them asked me for few for him and his bunch of ballbreakers !


RocketGoldStar said...

Y t'en resterait pas un ou deux...

Giannis said...

How can i have a few? I will pay for the shipping...

Greek Taxi Drivers are the most Idiots they dont know how to use the car mirrors and they are resposible for many Motorcycle accidents!


professeurcheveux said...

j'en veux bien un, en tant que cycliste par contre!

Filo Loco said...

donnez-moi vos adresses les gars, je vous en envoi 1
hi giannis !
just give me an address and I'll send some stickers !