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Bouquinistes in Paris - Jean-François Cachot

Yesterday, I took these photographs of a bouquiniste stand (french term for second-hand books open air resellers), in Paris, near the Cathedral Notre Dame... They are more than 200 to sell books, comics, mags, postcards (and more and more often, Eiffel towers, caps and tee shirts as souvenirs!)... But this one is very special, I know him for, maybe, 25 years ! He's specialized in popular literature, sci-fi, comics... He's one of the few to remain open all year long since 40 years! Big up to Jean-François Cachot! And his portrait is here! He's located Quai de la Tournelle, in front of rue de Pontoise, close to Notre Dame.


losfeld said...

Ah oui je vois qui c'est maintenant, mais j'ai jamais rien acheté chez lui... dommage qu'une partie de ses bouquins soient complètement jaunis...

dreymandi said...

This is awesome, when I visit Paris I will most definitely attempt to find this stand. Thank you for sharing that, it's great!

filo said...

c'est vrai qu'en façade il y a pas mal de trucs limites, par contre en en fouillant un peu, il m'est arrivé de trouver des trucs sympas!

bouquinistes at a place to go when in paris (among other cool addresses!)...tell if you ever come, I'll give you more good stuff to know!

Anonymous said...

Jean François nous a quitté le 14 septembre 2012.