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Byzance - Jean Lombard

French book from 1901 illustrated by artist Auguste Leroux (1871-1954), famous for his "art nouveau" style and later for his ballerinas paintings. The author, Jean Lombard (1854-1891), self-taught, proletarian and anarchist lived in misery and died young! His two most known novels are: L'Agonie (1888) about mad roman emperor Heliogabal and Byzance (1890) about the greek city, its luxury and intrigues. Octave Mirbeau saw Lombard as a real genius.


losfeld said...

De la belle ouvrage !

Balaoo said...

I have the spanish edition of this book, but the ilutrations are in black and white. I bought it when I was a child, many years ago and is the first time than I heard about it.