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Rael - Found flyer

Some books hide cool surprises between their pages. Like this early Rael flyer, issued when Rael was still living in France. Here is the translation : "A long time ago, men like us lived on a planet. They discovered Earth and created life on it using DNA science. They were called by the primitives "Those from out of sky" - Elohim in hebrew. They sent prophets to us to teach the ancient religions basis. Jesus was one of them, son of an Eloha and a woman from Earth. The message he left to us should have prepared us to the age of Apocalyps, in which we are since 1945, Apocalyps meaning Age of revelation in greek. Look at the sky, read the ancient texts, keep inform about science discoveries. Come discover our origins and the keys of our future."

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Lusy P. said...

Care to translate that text. I tried using an online translator but I don't think I got the correct translation.