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Filo Loco

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Ghetto librettos

Ghetto librettos are mainly read by the Mexican low class. They are called "sensacionales" in Mexico. Ghetto librettos are distributed weekly through the Mexican news stands as a small format, cheap form of entertainment for the male Mexican working class. Some of them are meant for the female reader, but those rely more in the melodrama than in depictions of sex. There are two families controlling the comicbook business in Mexico. One of them quit producing content during the 80s, and is content with reprinting their classics and licensing comics from D.C., Marvel and even from Dark Horse, like Hellboy. The other one controls the realm of the ghetto librettos, which is probably the bigger business; there are zillions of different titles that run on prints of two hundred thousand every week. To know more about ghetto librettos, read up!

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