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Filo Loco

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La Brigade des Maléfices

My favourite french tv serial ! Only six episodes, from August to September 1971. Created by Claude Guillemot and Claude-Jean Philippe. Featuring great actors like Léo Campion (Inspecteur Paumier), Pierre Brasseur (Diablegris), Jacques François (Le commissaire principal)...A secret police brigade investigates about strange cases involving vampires, ghosts, evil...


benoîtbarvin said...

I have made a comment about this tv serie in french tv. It's on my blog and I'm very happy to be, like you, a inconditionnal of "l'inspecteur Muselier". And Thank you for your intriguant and funny blog. But... excuse-me for the faults!

Zaïtchick said...

Nice choice.
The real good TV serials fantastic are scarces in France (the real good TV serials too.)