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Serious Publishing™ is a french young publishing company.

Filo Loco - Christophe Bier - Jimmy Pantera

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Serious Publishing

Serious Publishing is our newborn company.
If you support small independent book companies...well visit us and follow our catalog...soon online... and join the fanclub ! With Christophe Bier, Jimmy Pantera, Géraldine Dura and Julie Weber we'll soon provide you fine pop culture material !
There's not so many of us who left out there, so we thank you for your support !


Bosnuk said...

Guys, can I have this 'The Virgin Sacrifice' poster in larger size for reposting please?! It's awesome.


Filo Loco said...

hi misha,
unfortunelly I don't have this poster in better quality. It's pretty hard to find j.x. williams material. with serious publishing we are working on a dvd edition of rare j.x williams shots. keep informed on serious blog ;-)
ps. you blog is still the best !

ROBO32.EXE said...

enfin une annonce !

Filo Loco said...

et bientot des images ;-)