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Boris Karloff contest - Blogathon day 7

To celebrate the end of this great blogathon, we offer a box of chocolates to the very first one who tell us the title of these 2 movies !


Mark H Wilkinson said...

The first is Voltan from The Strange Door (1951), the second is Dr. Henryk Savaard from The Man They Could Not Hang (1939).

El Bony said...

raaahh... J'hésite.
The raven, house of frankeinstein?

ou alors mon curée chez les nudiste?
Puta! je suis nul en Karloff !!

Filo Loco said...

bony faut que tu révises tes classiques ! bon pour la peine t'auras quqnd meme ta boiboite ! envoies moi ton adresse à filo@deadlicious.com

mister mark you won...email me your address at filo@deadlicious.com