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Filo Loco

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Taco ché

I met Ayumi, owner of Taco ché last week in Paris. Taco ché is a japanese independant publishing company. Specialized in illustration and photographs books, Taco ché has a great catalog of fine japanese artists. check it out ! Here're few art from Heso-No-O Kaidou.


UCRAMAN said...

Man. Great images!

This blog gets better and better.
Deadlicious rules!!

Partizan said...

Professor Toru Tanaka on the last picture? :)

filo said...

thanx for your good words about our stuff here ! it's cool you take time for that !
I guess yes, he looks like anyway ;)

céline said...

hi,these are great.but the link does not work,and i'd like to see more....can you fix it?gracias

Filo Loco said...

I fixed it céline !