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Hell's Angels - Hunter S. Thompson

Last wednesday was a sad day for me. BUT, I was lucky enough to find this ultimate collector, when I was haunting the 9th district of Paris, waiting for a phone call. Among a lot of shit, IT was waiting for me ! The first french edition of Hell's Angels from 1979 in Speed 17 collection. And extra bonus inside : a vintage support sticker and the signature of an original Crimée MC France (Prospect Chapter) member, few months before they became officialy the first Hells Angels Chapter in France. So, notice on the back cover the "approved" logo. It meant a lot of troubles for the publishers (sorry Jean-Pierre and Philippe ;)) because they used it without any permission as the Paris Chapter didn't even exist at the time ! Not so sad day indeed for such a collector !


Anonymous said...

Inutile de dire que je suis simplement mort de jalousie....... pffff... que ne donnerais-je pas pour avoir une édition originale de Thompson...

Alex de Genève

Bjorn 81 said...

Very Cool find :)
I've got some calling cards from MC crimee and MC Clichy (the "pre France" era).. still looking for photos though.. :)

dan said...

I'm so glad (for you) that you found this! Thanks for sharing with us,

Lorenzo (Ouais!) said...

Je me souviens d'une pub pour ce bouquin dans Metal Hurlant. Superbe trouvaille!