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Monster Madness - Marvel Comics Group

Monster Madness (by Sinister Stan Lee !) was published by the Marvel Comics Group from 1972 to 1973. In the first two issues they found full page photos with funny captions. With the third issue, an attempt was made to flesh out the content with reviews but it was too late and the mag disapeared.


Jezz said...

Hé hé Sinister Stan Lee, c'est bon ça.
Tiens, l'occase de lui faire un Big Up (mondial ;) !

Et J-1 pour les Pies !

filo said...

je lui passe le big up la prochaine fois que je le vois ;)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize that this is where the band The Misfits (headed by Glen Danzig) got their logo from!?!

The Amazing Spider-Ads said...

I just referenced your article on Monster Madness on an upcoming article on my blog about old ads in Marvel Comics! The article will appear on December 28, 2009, hope to see you then!