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Vintage motorcycle helmets

Here's some real good old stuff. Still quite easy to find on flea markets or ebay. Perfect to fit with an old scoot.


Anton T said...

Yeah! Those are some sick lids! Would love to see some modern ones with design like that.

Don't wear those vintage helmets on your scoot though, the foam deteriorates over the years, won't help you if you smack your head!

Harry said...

Nice Helmets! We designed a broad range of Vintage Italian Scooters Helmets as well. You can find a few of our designs at www.vespismo.com. Soon it will even be possible to design your own Helmet online!

Anonymous said...

hey, what the fuck is this? we share some common interests here (except for some of yuor music aint for me). what is the deal? just a group of bandits? i like your style comrades. check me out at "metal mick d" on myspace if ya interested. if not, eat a dick. cheers lads from australia. metal mick

Anonymous said...

To Anton T:

Check out: www.retrobikegear.com - I got a great lightweight 3/4 helmet with a similar design to the black one with stars above.


nexx said...


These helmet are looking beautiful, please provide more details about it. Thank you...

Vintage Helmets

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

The retro artwork on them is great. But the lack of chin guards and visor can make it pretty darn dangerous.